Selling KHR, SNK, Durarara!, KNB, No. 6 & Tiger and Bunny doujinshi at US$1.00-1.50/each.

Click here for more details. Thanks!

Selling Free!, KnB and SnK stuff here:

Selling Attack on Titan Levi Cleaning Nendoroid!

Sales Post

Please take a look! I'm eager to sell him!

FS: Vertical Maneuvering Special Figure Mikasa
Hello everyone, I have a rare and pristine Mikasa figure for sale. Please check this link for more info:

Alternatively, PM if you are interested or if you have anything you wanna ask. Thank you!!

FS: Attack on Titan Cleaning Levi Nendoroid, Levi Figma, Mascots Ear Jacks, Colourful Mascots etc

Hihi all, I am selling some Attack on Titan Cleaning Levi Nendoroid *Event Exclusive*, Levi Figma,  Colourful Stamp Chops, Rubber Straps, Swing Mascots, Coasters & Pin Badges etc .  Please take a look if you are interested.  Thanks for your time.

*Updated 26th Dec 2014*
- Cleaning Levi Nendoroid
- SnK Kuji Prize


FS: SnK ItemsCollapse )
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[FF] Mi Casa
"forever 21" // [STOCK]
Title: Mi Casa
Rating: T+
Characters: Mikasa; Levi; Jean; Eren; everybody, okay?
Genre: Drama; Suspense
Warnings: Gore; Body Horror
Summary: [AU] Not once has anybody spelled Mikasa's name right at Starbucks. Then again, she can't really get mad at them. She doesn't even know if it's her real name, after all.
Links: LJFFNAo3

[FF] cafeteria slop is a great distraction
"daisy girl" // [STOCK]
Title: cafeteria slop is a great distraction
Characters: Eren; Jean; Mikasa (on the side)
Genre: Humor; Friendship; Dickface antics
Rating: T
Summary: There was no way Mikasa could guess Eren had run over her cat now.
Links: LJFFAo3

Attack on Titan [ Shingeki no Kyojin ] AMV: Parasite

"Parasite" edited by littleredcap

Hey, my first entry. Hope you can enjoy ! :)

Program:: Sony Vegas 12
Song:: In the end of the video

Sales Doujinshi
I have many things, doujinshi (Psycho Pass / Titan / Kuroko etc)...Thank you for looking ^o^

Follow the link:

Yaoi DJs
Attack on Titan DJ
Unap!, Nemunoki, Sable / PUNKISH DRAGONEER (Sagawa Miku), Sakura Sakuya, Peeco? (Tidori Peco), Heaven16, Qlapz, Duo Brand etc

Selling Attack on Titan doujinshi
A stranger sang a theme
I’m selling my doujinshi collection here. It is mostly Ymir/Christa with a single Annie centric doujinshi. Most of them are in a new and pristine condition. The rest are used (read once or twice) but are otherwise in a good condition. Please follow the link to my journal for detail and images, and thank you!


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